A co-creative trial for change  

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                  Welcome world citizen, Welcome global consciousness!


reCREaTE designs cradle to cradle  resource use for community life.

 Our experience regenerating lost soils  to produce healthy food in harmony with nature focuses energy and shows our will for global change.

In the place where European civilization originated we have co-designed a place for the future, a potential to co-create the future. 


reCREaTE is a consensual approach to creating new systems for a better future. We grow food for the soul from the consciousness of the global brain. We build a potential future together by joining our energy in common responsibility for soil, water, food and community.

We learn by doing, through trial and error, providing experiences that teach us that the first step is the most challenging: Consensual cooperation

Rhythm and Truth give transparence to BIOCrete and feed reCREaTE

In time. At the right place.  

We welcome you at reCREaTE We welcome you to help co-create our common future.

We are the action and energy to effect change.

From water and soil to food for the soul

Co-creating what belongs together. One water. One world

    Our sign represents the elements in the circle of earth with the center of the growing nature

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Date:30. Januar 2014